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If you have a notice, announcement or function to advertise, please e mail info@standlakepc.org.uk or phone 01865 300779

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If you require further information on any of the organistions listed on both sides of the page, please click on the icon to go to their own page or website

Next Parish Council Meeting
Tuesday 03 February 2015 at 7.00pm
in the Youth Club, Church End

Minutes 16 Dec 14   

Standlake Parish Council - Precept & Budget 2015/16
The Precept for 2015/16 is set at £21000 - the same as the current year
Please click to see the 2015/16 Budget

Jane Dodds keeps the village informed of everything from lost cats to gravel objections.
If you would like to be on her distribution list please contact her at : standlakenews@gmail.com

There are many events happening in Standlake but, unfortunately, clashes happen because one organisation or group is not aware of what others are doing. Furthermore, advertising of events is difficult in a village as dispersed as Standlake and Brighthampton.
A diary on the website would be an ideal point of contact, but the success of such a scheme would depend entirely on the supply of current information by group organisers, secretaries etc. If you are an organiser, or just a member of a group please consider this and contact info@standlakepc.org.uk

Standlake WI publish their events on their own page. Please click here or on icon to the right.
St Giles' Church publishes its events in a link to Social Events/Fund Raising/Appeal Fund on its site www.acny.org.uk/6003 - (or click on the Church icon to the left).   When other organisations are holding events it would be very helpful if they could look at the Church site to make sure they are not going to clash


Standlake Village Market - Standlake Village Hall - Saturday 7th February 11am - 1pm - For full details of stalls, activities etc. contact Sarah on 01865 300783 or Ali on 01865 300173



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