Minutes of a Meeting of Standlake Parish Council, held in the Village Hall, Standlake, on 10th July 2007 at 7.00 pm


          Mr. E.F. Tolputt                                           Chairman

          Mr. C Naylor                                                Vice Chairman

          Mrs. S. Berrill

          Mr. J. Rippin

          Mrs. J. Perry

          Mr. R. Reddy


Mrs. B. Smith, Mr. C. Mathew, Mr. R. O’Neill (OCC Local Transport Plan), Mr. N. Day (Project Engineer, Oxfordshire Highways), Mr. R. Perry, Mrs. L. Blair, Mr.

1.              APOLOGIES were received from: Mrs. Bayliss, Ms. Bickley.

2.              PUBLIC ITEMS

A415 and Newbridge - Mr. Tolputt informed the meeting that a request had been received on 5th June from Mr. Day to address the council with proposals to mitigate traffic flow through Standlake, should a new crossing be built to replace Newbridge. In view of the short notice it was not possible to add this as an agenda item and, in view of the importance of this matter, Mr. Tolputt proposed to have it raised under Public Items; there were no objections. He then introduced the two officers and made clear that, while any information was welcome, the position of the council remained that Newbridge should be preserved for the use of light traffic and no new crossing should be built.

Mr. O’Neill opened by stressing that no decisions had yet been made as to the replacement of Newbridge and a full consultation on this was now expected in early 2008 and not in the coming autumn as previously thought. He went on to say that any replacement would be a full bridge, not subject to traffic control, and it was likely that funds would be available in the 2010 -11 budget.

Mr. Day presented a number of measures including: Gateways at A415 Village entries; Roundabout at junction of A415 and B4449; Traffic signals at junction of A415 and B4449 with associated Downs Road/The Downs/Rack End/High Street traffic calming; Road narrowing/traffic calming along A415 from B4449 to High Street; Application of environmental weight limit along A415.

Both Mr. Day and Mr. O’Neill answered several questions from members. Mr. Rippin summed up by saying that these measures may address volume, but do not address the HGV element, which is at the heart of the problem. Mr. Tolputt said that some of these measures would cause more problems than they solved e.g. traffic lights at the junction of A415 and B4449 (Aston Road), but most were required now to deal with the present volume; the problem of HGV traffic following the construction of a new crossing was not addressed by these measures. He reiterated that he believed the main effort should be put into preserving the existing bridge for light traffic and no new crossing should be built; he then thanked the officers for their attendance and said the council would respond more fully at a later time.

Village Hall – Mr. Perry presented the results of a meeting of the Village Hall Committee which addressed the renovation and upgrade of some of the hall facilities. In particular, these include: renovations and alterations to the kitchen/bar area; construction of access from the Frank Douglas Room to the stage and the replacement of windows in that room; replacement of the stage curtains; installation of a sound and induction loop system; replacement of locks on inner doors; rebuilding of the patio wall with a double structure.

Quotations for approximately £31,000 have been received and it was proposed to apply for a grant of £21,700 from TOE (Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment). This would need the guarantee of %10 (£2,170) third party funding, which the committee were requesting from the parish council. The balance of the funding would be applied for from WODC. Mr. Tolputt thanked him for his explanation and said that, in accordance with the council’s normal practice, the hall committee should present accounts and a letter requesting the grant before the setting of the budget in November.

The meeting was opened at 9.15 pm.

3.              MINUTES

Minutes of the meeting held on 12th June 2007, copies of which had been previously circulated to all members, were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.

4.              MATTERS ARISING

X15 Bus Service – It has been confirm that the 9.30 service will continue to run throughout the school holidays. Regarding the increase in fares, Mr. Mathew also informed the meeting that OCC effectively have no control over the level of fares. Several members commented that this was surprising given that the company was receiving a public subsidy. He further confirmed that the contract is to run until December 2010.

A415, Newbridge – See Public Items.

Traffic/Speeding – See item 5.

Highway Maintenance – The edge of the drain cover in Church End has been repaired. Mr. Tolputt has spoken to OCC about the replacement of the village sign at the Village hall but it is now six weeks since the first report. Mr. Mathew said he would speak to OCC Highways. OCC have informed the clerk that work has been done on the drains at the entrance to Woodlands, following the intervention by Mr. Mathew. May thanks for his help.

Footpaths – Mr. Tolputt has spoken again with Highways regarding the proposed extended path to the Village Hall. He also informed the meeting that WODC Planning Department are looking at a possible violation of the planning permission granted to Meadowview Nursing Home

Affordable Housing – Mr. Tolputt’s investigation into suitable land has proved fruitless and therefore no further progress has been made. The clerk will inform Mr. Alcock of the position.

Playground/Recreation Ground & Maintenance – Mrs. Perry wishes to purchase anti graffiti paint for the games wall at a cost of £72 + VAT. This was agreed unanimously. Mr. Tolputt will hasten Johnson Engineering for a report on the swings. The Spring 2007 RoSPA inspection report on the playground has been received and there are no items requiring urgent attention.

Graveyard Extension – The matter is still in the hands of our solicitors who are attempting to have a limit placed on the rent review that the Diocesan agents have insisted upon .

Neighbourhood Policing – Mr. Rippin said that the next NAG meeting would set priorities for the year. These were likely to be: speeding; graffiti and anti-social behaviour. A NAG newsletter has been produced for distribution and the clerk will send Mr. Rippin the breakdown of properties in each area of the village. Mr. Mathew noted that the OCC Scrutiny Committee had recently met with the NAG organisers and the police. The committee was not satisfied with the replies they had received regarding both the concept and conduct of neighbourhood policing policy at present and will be following the matter up.

5.              SPEEDING

Pressure from residents for action on speeding vehicles is increasing, notably from those on the Abingdon Road. The clerk reminded the meeting of the paper he had produced setting out the background to traffic calming measures in the village. There was general discussion and agreement on the need for control measures, while recognising that many parts of the village suffered from this blight and not simply the Abingdon Road.

From his attendance at meetings of the Eynsham NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group), Mr. Rippin reported that he understood that little help could be expected from the police unless evidence of continued violation of the speed limit was presented, in which case they may take enforcement action. It is possible to collect this evidence using the SID machines which flash up speed and a J or L. He understands that there are only two mobile SID machines in Oxfordshire, one of which is currently unserviceable, and the advice from TVP is for villages to buy their own, or combine together to purchase the equipment.

There is equipment available which is portable and battery powered, allowing it be moved between villages and locations within villages; therefore it has the advantage of not being restricted to a fixed site, thus preserving the ‘surprise’ factor, The downside is that the equipment will require volunteers to move it and to monitor its use, or use secure fixing, when on location to prevent theft.

The type of equipment that displays and records data, which could subsequently be presented to the police, costs £3000 per unit and Mr. Rippin proposed that Standlake should offer to fund a share of one; if the other parishes in the NAG agree to do the same, the cost to Standlake would be £500. While deploring the necessity for this type of equipment to be funded from parish funds, it was unanimously agreed that this should be done. Mr. Rippin will take the proposal to the next meeting of the NAG.

6.              CORRESPONDENCE - See attached correspondence record.

7.              PLANNING - See attached planning record..

8.              ACCOUNTS – 2006/7 ACCOUNTS Click here for balances  Click here for 2006/7 accounts

The clerk presented the 2006/7 accounts, which have now been audited by our internal auditor Mr. Hunt, for approval. The accounts were approved unanimously and signed by the chairman and the clerk.

The following accounts were approved for payment:

WODC – playground inspection                                                                       £51.70


9.              MEMBER’S REPORTS

Mr. Reddy said that Mr. Horan, a local builder, had offered to inspect and advise on any building work the council may require free of charge. This was appreciated and Mr. Reddy will pass thanks to Mr. Horan.

Mr. Naylor noted that the Cricket Club hedge was overgrowing the footpath. The clerk has been in contact with OCC about this and they will be contacting the club secretary.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 10:30 pm.






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